Vichy Catalan Premium Sparkling Water 20 x 500ml Glass

Vichy Catalan Genuine is unique for its organoleptic qualities, its taste, and its health benefits.

Since 1881, when Dr. Modest Furest I Roca discovered the health properties of the waters flowing from the Vichy Catalan spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) —at 60ºC and with its own gas—, Vichy Catalan has positioned itself year after year as one of the best sparkling mineral waters in the world.

Talking about Vichy Catalan genuine natural sparkling mineral water means talking about prestige and quality. In the world of table waters, it stands out from the rest thanks to its unmistakable and incomparable flavor, the finesse of its bubbles, and the elegance and versatility of its packaging, making it suitable for drinking at any time.

It is a water deeply-embedded in the gastronomic culture, which brings flavor and personality to countless recipes and which has become essential on the tables of the best restaurants. However, it is also water that is synonymous with health.