About Us 

Mr. Lemonade is a family business created by two individuals passionate about food and market innovation.

We value craftsmanship, people, quality and sustainability.

We absolutely love good food. On many occasions, we find it difficult to combine good food and the perfect drink. Most of the times sugary drinks and alcohol are the only options.

Then we decided to check “The” other options, and we realized there are a bunch of good products made by small, family companies, similar to us, but the problem was availability. And we got this!

Since then, we supply cafes, restaurants, and shops with the best we could find for them.





We want to help new, small yet innovative companies, who find it difficult to sell their amazing and unique products.

And connect them with health-oriented people, who want not only good food but also a great drink to go with it.


Karol Chamera 

Founder -Mr. Lemonade


Unit 23, Greenshield Industrial Estate, 22-28 Bradfield Rd, Silvertown, London E16 2AU

Contact us on  mob:07595595392 email: info@mrlemonade.co.uk