Torres 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crisps 20x50g

By Torres

Torres make the most luxurious and decadent crisps on the planet and are famed for gourmet flavours like caviar and black truffle.

But sometimes, just sometimes, simple is best.

So, for these stunning potato crisps, Torres have switched the sunflower oil out, and instead fried them in the finest extra virgin olive oil until irresistibly crunchy. A generous seasoning of salt to makes that sun-kissed olive oil flavour pop.

The handcrafted process used by Torres to create these Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crisps results in the highest quality product. The best ingredients are selected directly from the fields to be processed with the expertise of generations (they’ve been working with the same potato suppliers for over 35 years), ensuring that the final product will always have an exceptional flavour.

Discover the unique taste of these special premium potato crisps made with opulent extra virgin olive oil and prepare yourself to be captivated by their addictive saltiness.

A treat for the senses, especially when served alongside a crisp white wine, a Manzanilla Sherry, a gin and tonic, or even better, a glass of Sparkling Wine.