Something&Nothing - Japanese Junmai Sake + Yuzu Spritz 12 x 330ml

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This unique and deeply refreshing long drink is a careful blend of our dry, umami and tart Junmai Sake with complex and aromatic natural Yuzu juice, extracts and botanicals.

The result is a well balanced, gently effervescent sake drink with transportive qualities; a merging of the ancient tradition of Sake brewing with modern mixology. Hard to describe, easy to drink.

Tastes like: Wandering Kyoto’s backstreets at golden hour.

Great with: grilled skewers, rich ramens, saucy noodles or sushi. Designed to compliment both elegant light bites and cut-through drinking snacks.

Vegan, 133 calories per can (330ml) and gluten free. Contains Sulphates.