OddKin - (UN) Ordinary Blend 1kg (Limited Edition)

By Oddkin

A collaboration between (un)ordinary Oat x OddKin

One fateful day, as the team at OddKin Coffee was experimenting with blending single-origin beans to create a new line of coffee, an unexpected discovery was made. One of the team members decided to pair newthe freshly brewed coffee with a splash of (un)ordinary Oat Milk, curious to see how the flavours would complement each other.

What ensued was pure magic. The rich, nutty notes of the coffee danced harmoniously with the creamy texture of the oat drink, creating a symphony of flavour that tantalised the taste buds. It was a match made in coffee heaven.

Eager to share their newfound treasure with the world, OddKin Coffee reached out to (un)ordinary Oat with a proposition: to collaborate on a unique coffee blend specifically designed to be enjoyed with oat milk. Recognising the potential for a groundbreaking partnership, (UN)ordinary Oat accepted.


Brazil & Colombia




Natural & Washed