OddKin - Treehouse Blend 1kg (Seasonal Blend)

By Oddkin

The Treehouse offers all the consistency and loveliness that you need from a seasonal blend, but it's got slightly more going on than in your average joe.

Whilst the origins of the beans may change with the seasons, we will always ensure a consistent flavour profile, meaning that you will be sipping on a brew that is familiar, tasty and reliable.

The natural processed Waylan offers playful fruit notes, gently complimented by the crisp, clean, washed Popayán. And it’s all brought together by the rich, biscuity Bossa Nova from Brazil.

Enjoy this versatile blend in any brew method.


Seasonal Blend


1000-1350 MASL


Washed & Natural


Brazil & Colombia
Notes of: Lemon curd, pineapple cake, malted milk