Mors Seeweed Lager Craft Beer 5% bt 20x500

Mors Seeweed is a unique and flavourful brew that offers a refreshing twist on traditional beers. This particular beer is infused with seaweed, giving it a slightly salty yet incredibly refreshing taste that sets it apart from other beers on the market. The seaweed adds a subtle umami flavour profile that enhances the overall drinking experience without being overpowering. This beer pairs exceptionally well with seafood dishes, as the briny notes of the seaweed complement the flavours of fish and shellfish perfectly. With its smooth finish and intriguing flavour profile, Mors Seeweed is a must-try for anyone looking to expand their beer horizons and try something new. ABV 5% | 12°BLG

Buy Mors Seeweed and enjoy the uniquely delicious taste of this one-of-a-kind brew.