MOMO - Watermelon Limited Edition 12 x 330ml (Collab with Natoora)


This product is coming soon

Our second limited edition kombucha in collaboration with Natoora. This time, with Oscar Zerbinati’s Sentinel Watermelon. Sentinel is a 50 year-old variety chosen for its intense flavour. From carefully controlling irrigation and thinning his plants, to applying sunscreen to his fruits and using a ribbon system to monitor their growth, Oscar goes above and beyond in the pursuit of rich, concentrated flesh. Natoora exists to fix the food system, sourcing radically seasonal produce from small-scale growers. MOMO is brewed the old-fashioned way in small glass jars and is completely unfiltered for a fuller depth of flavour. With a shared commitment to quality and artistry, Natoora and MOMO are natural partners.

20p from every bottle sold will be donated to Natoora’s Farm Fund, which supports young farmers who are committed to agroecological methods. Their goal is to raise up the next generation of growers to address climate change.