ChaiMate Orange Can 12x330ml

The premium plant-based energy booster, infused with tea, Yerba maté, and zesty orange. Offering a 30mg/100ml caffeine kick for active souls. Made from pure, natural ingredients. It's a functional beverage that awakens both body and mind.


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, Yerba maté extract, black tea extract, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural flavours, caffeine (30 mg/100 ml).
Contains no preservatives. Pasteurised.

Nutritional information:

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml:
Energy 126 kJ / 30 kcal;
Fat 0,0 g;
Total Carbohydrate 7,2 g of which sugars 7 g;
Protein <0,5 g; Salt 0,03 g