Cano Water - Still 24 x 330ml - Ring Pull

Natural Spring Water

Sealed from light and air, CanO Water stays cool and fresh.

Only 7% of plastic is recycled. The rest will sit on our planet for the next 450 years and ends up in our forests, oceans, or even our stomachs.
Recycling plastic isn't working. We believe switching to aluminum is the fastest solution to plastic pollution. It's why we put water in a can CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative, with a mission to stop a billion plastic bottles from entering our environment!
Our spring is in the Austrian alps - down there they know a thing or two about water thanks to some pretty mineral-rich mountains. This means our water has a high pH Level of 7.9 and increased alkaline concentrations - which means it is super pure and tastes incredible.
Don't Bottle It!

Natural Spring Water from the Austrian Alps, in a can. Canned at the source. pH Level 7.9