Biodegradable CPLA Sip-Through Lid 80mm Black (10X100)

CPLA Sip-Through Lid 80mm Black
Size: 80mm
Brand: Tutupack UK

Our coffee lids are made from plant-based CPLA and they are fully compostable. The good thing is that it divert waste away from landfill and turn the lids into nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow more plants.  How cool is that?!

And more, the renewable, plant-based material is also a lot kinder to the environment natural resources than traditional plastic.

The CPLA material has also been crystallised for added strength and heat resistance. This will help to prevent the lids from cracking or splitting.

Will these lids fit into my cups?

The lids are designed to fit the 8oz coffee cups in general, however we advise you to consult your coffee cups manufacture if you do not stock our coffee cups, which the lids will fit perfectly!