Every living organism needs adequate hydration. However, for that purpose, we should choose products which guarantee more than merely the preservation of the vital forces. The impact of water on the body is significant and - what is important - beneficial in many ways. Its regular consumption may improve our everyday life, health, and appearance. For this reason, it should be consumed as often as possible. Especially since water - just like e.g. vegan chocolate - is currently available in many flavours.

 In this article, we describe the effects of water on the body and the possible effects of drinking it too rarely. We also remind you in what quantities it should be supplied to the human body.


Table of contents:

  1. The impact of water on the body - what are the effects of its deficit?
  2. The impact of water on the body - how much of it should we drink?
  3. Not just plain water - Mr. Lemonade recommends
  4. The impact of water on the body - summary

The impact of water on the body - what are the effects of its deficit?

Not drinking enough water will eventually bring unwanted repercussions. People using coffee, sweetened drinks, or other beverages as hydration should also keep that in mind. The H2O deficit usually involves:

  • poor memory;
  • trouble focusing;
  • frequent headaches;
  • the dryness of mucosas;
  • reduced body immunity;
  • trouble with motor coordination.

Therefore, proper hydration is crucial for human health. It should be taken into consideration in summer but also during other seasons. Water easily quenches the thirst and at the same time is the safest and the most natural liquid - as long as it comes from a proper source. Its consumption is recommended to people of all ages leading all sorts of lives - both more and less active.

The impact of water on the body - how much of it should we drink?

To make the consumed water as beneficial as possible, it should be drunk in the right quantity. Therefore, we should remember that the human demand for water can vary. A lot depends on e.g. the body mass of the person. Medical experts recommend drinking approximately 0.02 litres of water per kilogram. So if a person weighs 75kg, they should consume 1.5 litres of water daily.

More general guidelines can often be found. Namely, an adult should drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. A lot, however, depends on the lifestyle they lead, if they have health issues, and what conditions they function in. It is equally important not to overhydrate. Consuming too much water can result in kidney failure. When these organs don’t keep up with water filtration, a person can experience:

  • tiredness;
  • headaches;
  • vomiting.

Not just plain water - Mr. Lemonade recommends

Against all appearances, water does not always taste the same. Moreover, it can contain varying amounts of elements impacting the functioning of the human body. Water is also sourced from different springs, the products of which are, unfortunately, not always suitable for consumption. In our assortment, we only provide water varieties that are tried and trusted. At the MR. LEMONADE website you can find:

  • Spanish sparkling water Vichy Catalan with an increased amount of minerals, distinguished by an expressive taste; its consumption can lower cholesterol levels;
  • Liquid Death Sparkling Water, a variety of water which, due to its high carbonation levels, resembles beer; it is rich in minerals and electrolytes;
  • Fiji water, sourced from a tropical island, has been subjected to the natural filtration process, gaining a soft and smooth taste.

These are, however, only a few of the products we provide. Your clients will definitely appreciate you including them in the menu of your restaurant, hotel, or other business.

The impact of water on the body - summary

Now that you know the effects of water on the body and how much water humans should consume, help your clients meet their daily hydration needs. How? Using the MR.LEMONADE offer! Choose the products you are interested in and we will deliver them directly to your business. We guarantee that they will be a great alternative to alcoholic beverages and sweetened drinks!

September 16, 2023 — Mr. Lemonade