Even if you have never had a chance to try it, you must have heard about it… Martini is one of the best-known alcoholic cocktails. The group of its avid enjoysers includes not only James Bond film characters. Normal people also gladly drink it. However, is it only an achievement of the effective advertisement of the cocktail? Surely, to some degree, yet not only. It owes its popularity around the world to multiple other factors, such as its distinctive taste. Not all of its enjoyers know, however, what martini is and how this type of alcohol should be served. Time to change that!

 This article will teach you what martini is and how to serve it like professional bartenders or waiters do.

Table of contents:

  1. What is a martini?
  2. How do you serve martini in the right way?
  3. Martini - our products
  4. Summary

What is a martini?

As we have already mentioned, martini is a type of a popular alcoholic cocktail. It is mostly known for its particular taste and the style of serving. The drink can be prepared from different ingredients. Its base, however, is always either vodka or gin. It should also be mentioned that there exist different varieties of martini. The best-known ones include:

  • Dry – the most classic variety of the cocktail, prepared from gin and dry vermouth. A drop of lemon or orange oil can also be added for more intense flavour. It is usually served in a chilled cocktail glass, sometimes with an olive or lemon zest as decoration. The drink will be enjoyed by most fans of dry alcohols;
  • Bianco lub Rosso – varieties prepared from vermouth. The former is sweeter and has a subtler taste, the latter, however, is characterized by a stronger aroma. Both can be served in glasses which have been previously chilled or are filled with ice cubes.


How do you serve martini in the right way?

It's important that the cocktail retains the right temperature when it is served. The glasses should, therefore, be chilled before the right amount of the drink is poured into them. Moreover, different decorations can be added, such as olives, lemon zest or limes, or even twisted pieces of orange. The serving of martini is also associated with style and elegance so many people prefer consuming it only in special circumstances. These include evening cocktail parties or outings to fancy restaurants. Being an owner of one or more of such venues you should remember that:

  • the glass should not be filled with too much of the drink and space should be left close to the brim. This way, the cocktail won’t spill and the consumption will be more comfortable;
  • the glass should not be touched from the outside. Otherwise, the drink will warm up slightly. A designated serving tool should be used, as it will facilitate holding the glass by its  stem.

Martini - our products

Martini, similarly to many other alcohols, has different varieties, as our offer will show you. In the MR. LEMONADE shop you can get the classic type of martini, produced using gin, dry vermouth, and lemon zest. The can it is sold in enables storage in a fridge or a freezer. When the moment comes, you just have to pour the mix into a right glass to enjoy the taste in the right way. Those drawn to bolder options might enjoy a different product from our offer. Tiny Tee’s Dirty is distinguished by a spicy taste. Its ingredients include vodka, dry vermouth, as well as olive brine.


Since now you know what martini is, as well as how to serve and where to buy the different varieties of James Bond’s favourite beverage, the MR. LEMONADE shop is waiting for you! Here, you will effortlessly buy any amount of products you need to cater to your clients’ needs. And when you do it, you will never make a mistake when serving the cocktail to anyone who wants to try it. Remember that in our offer you will also find many other products: coffee blends, juices or water. You should also consider adding them to your basket as they are not only delicious, but also available in fantastic prices.

October 19, 2023 — Mr. Lemonade