Are you an enthusiast of drinks with an original taste and numerous health properties? Then you will definitely fall in love with kombucha. If you have yet to hear about this product and have yet to have a chance to try it, it's high time to change it. What exactly is this drink, we explain below. The taste and the health benefits of kombucha - you will have to see for yourself!

From this article, you will learn what kombucha is, how it is produced, what it smells and tastes like, and who can benefit from it.


  1. When and where was kombucha first created?
  2. What are the health properties of kombucha?
  3. What makes kombucha increasingly popular?
  4. Summary

When and where was kombucha first created?

Kombucha is a drink with a sweet-and-sour taste quite popular in various parts of the world, made on the basis of tea. The product has been known for almost 2000 years. China is the place where it first began to be produced. Over time, the popularity of the drink began to spread further, to the lands of Japan and Russia. The inhabitants of Europe could first taste it much later - only at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, kombucha is very popular especially in the United States - mainly because of its original taste and aroma, but also because of its health properties, not all of which, however, have been scientifically confirmed.

As we mentioned earlier, kombucha is made from black tea - yet not only. Yeast and sugar are also necessary to produce it. The ingredients need to be thoroughly mixed (preferably in a porcelain vessel of the selected capacity) and then set aside for at least a week. This is necessary for good bacteria, acids and a small amount of alcohol to form. A particular liquid surface is created in the process of fermentation - referred to as SCOBY, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast - which can be used to produce even more kombucha.


What are the health properties of kombucha?

Not only the taste but also the smell of kombucha can be described as ‘sweet-and-sour’. Sometimes it is compared to the smell of beer, which also has a hint of vinegar. Typically, the aroma of the drink is much more intense when it is fermented in a small room. The process, interestingly, takes much less time in the summer, when the air temperature is high. As for the appearance of SCOBY, it resembles brown-coloured streaks, which is why it is sometimes mistaken for mould.

Kombucha is quite often produced at home because the process, contrary to what it might sound like, is not particularly demanding. In addition, its low pH level means that there is little risk of the good bacteria getting infected with harmful microorganisms. However, if you do not have the time or the conditions to prepare the drink yourself, remember that it is not problematic to purchase it these days. Moreover, with the array of varieties to choose from, you will surely find one that you will love.

When you consider what kombucha is made of, you will learn that it definitely does not lack valuable elements such as:

  • amino acids
  • vitamin C
  • enzymes
  • minerals including zinc, iron, and magnesium
  • vitamins from the B group including B1 and B6

Drinking kombucha helps you look after your health then. Unlike most other drinks, it can improve liver function, reduce fatigue levels, prevent migraines or positively affect the condition of hair and nails. Some even believe that drinking kombucha might help prevent cancer and diabetes, but this has not yet been confirmed.


What makes kombucha increasingly popular?

Despite the numerous advantages associated with the consumption of kombucha, it should be noted that this drink is not recommended for everyone. It should be avoided especially by people suffering from lung and kidney diseases. If, however, you are an adult and do not struggle with these kinds of problems, and you want to check if you would like kombucha, go ahead and do it. It tastes best refrigerated beforehand. At the very beginning of your adventure with kombucha, we advise you to do it in moderation - one or two spoons a day is enough. Over time, the dose can be increased, however, it should not exceed 5,3oz (150ml) consumed within 24 hours.

Kombucha is an easily available drink, which also largely contributes to its constantly getting more and more popular. Moreover, multiple varieties of the product can be found - those intended for vegetarians and vegans, people lactose- and gluten-intolerant or the ones on the kosher diet. In addition, more and more shops enable you to order kombucha without leaving your house and in the amounts adjusted to your needs. It is worth taking advantage of, for instance, if you run a hotel or a restaurant to allow your customers to taste the kombucha.


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March 28, 2023 — Mr. Lemonade