Summer's here and so are those hot days when you're on the hunt for a way to cool down fast. You're not the only one feeling this way in the searing heat. But instead of reaching for sugar-packed, tooth-decaying coke, you can go for the cooler option in town! Say hello to the craft carbonated drinks. If you haven't tried them yet, listen up as we’re about to us explain why you and your customers, be it in your hotel or restaurant, should give them a go.

This article is your guide to discover what makes craft soda so unique and special. You'll learn exactly where to purchase the finest craft sodas and quench your thirst for something truly extraordinary. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the ultimate beverage adventure!


  1. Craft soda – why is it growing in popularity?
  2. The secret composition of craft soda.
  3. A rainbow of craft soda flavours.
  4. Summary - where can you buy craft sodas?

    Craft soda – why is it growing in popularity?

    Popular carbonated drinks may taste great, but their ingredients aren't exactly the epitome of health. With phosphoric acid that can harm our teeth, addictive caffeine, and various artificial flavour enhancers, it comes as little surprise that many people are ditching these drinks in favour of healthier options. The only issue is that these alternatives may not always be widely available to an individual customer. So, by embracing the change for craft sodas, you can better cater to consumers’ needs.

    Craft soda producers are passionate about delivering quality, always experimenting with new flavors and using finest ingredients. Unlike mass-produced drinks, their top priority is your health and wellbeing, not just the financial output. Craft soda is becoming more popular among those who want non-invasive beverages and a constant source of hydration throughout the day.


    The secret composition of craft soda

    Our focus on craft soda shines a light on their unique selling points, and one of the key features is their minimal sugar content. If sugar is used, it's sourced directly from the fruit used in making the product or a healthier alternative, such as cane sugar. This will definitely be appreciated not only by diabetics but also anyone looking to minimize their sugar intake. Additionally, the simple composition is another advantage craft soda offers.

    Mostly made of freshly squeezed fruit juices, spice blends, and carbonated mineral water, craft soda has all it takes to deliver intriguing flavors and quench thirst quickly and for a long time, without any worries about health. These beverages are ideal for all ages, from adults to kids who often reach for fizzy drink. So, if they're going to continue to do so, it's important to provide them with options that are not harmful to their health. Craft soda producers understand this well, developing new and exciting flavours to reach new customers and increase their brand’s popularity.


    A rainbow of craft soda flavours

    Craft sodas are now available in an ever-growing range of forms, which is a distinct advantage over traditional carbonated drinks or other mass-produced products. While mass-produced beverages often come in a few or several variations of flavor, craft sodas are essentially limitless when it comes to taste options. Whether you're looking for a drink made from wild British elderflowers growing near the England-Wales border, or something equally original, you're sure to find it among the range of craft sodas available.

    The great taste of craft sodas is a result of the passion and expertise of their makers. Most of these producers started creating their drinks for themselves and their loved ones, thus creating products that easily stand out from mass-produced items made by the biggest corporations. Over time, these unique recipes of individual craftspeople are being used on a larger scale, making it possible for more people to discover their benefits.

    Summary – where can you buy craft sodas?

    If you believe that craft soda is worth trying by the customers of your hotel or other service location, we’d more than happy to deliver them to the place of your choosing. We offer a range of handcrafted drinks in both bottles and cans, with a variety of flavors to select from.

    Not just limited to craft soda, we also provide a range of other premium products including alcohol, juices, coffee, tea and more, all made with a meticulous attention to detail. Indulge in the exceptional taste that is hard to find anywhere else, and let your customers experience the difference.

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    February 14, 2023 — Mr. Lemonade