Do you organize various types of events? Therefore, you must know that more and more people choose to go for non-alcoholic drinks. Their growing popularity has been caused by different factors. Some decide to avoid alcohol for health reasons, and others because of their religious or general beliefs. It is worth making sure that they have as much fun as the others. How? By providing them with beer, cocktails and other products similar in taste to traditional ones, but completely free of alcohol. Nonetheless, it is also good to consider it for other reasons, about which we write below.



From this article, you will learn why non-alcoholic drinks are more and more often consumed during various parties and why your guests will appreciate their properties and taste.


Table of contents:

  1. Is non-alcoholic beer still beer?
  2. Non-alcoholic drinks are low in calories!
  3. Cocktails with gin - non-alcoholic drinks perfect for parties
  4. Parties like before but without a hangover? Choose non-alcoholic drinks!

Is non-alcoholic beer still beer?

Some people think that beer has to contain alcohol in order for it to actually be labelled as such. However, as it turns out, this term can also be used in relation to beer drinks which contain no alcohol. The process of making both variations is the same. The only difference is that, after obtaining the drink, its most important element, known to almost everyone, is removed from it. Does it negatively affect its taste? Not necessarily. After all, non-alcoholic beer drinks still have the rest of their original composition, and therefore, among others, their characteristic bitterness. In addition, you can consume much more of them, since they do not cause nausea, dizziness or other negative effects.

Non-alcoholic drinks are low in calories!

One of the main reasons for the growing interest in soft drinks is their low calorific value. This fact is especially appreciated by people on a diet. Those whose metabolism is not as efficient as before are also willing to substitute regular drinks with their alcohol-free alternatives. Non-alcoholic beer, drinks and other liquors also do not increase the feeling of hunger compared to those containing alcohol. Therefore, alcohol-free drinks should definitely be considered when preparing a party menu in a situation where food portions for guests are restricted. The risk of them coming home hungry will decrease significantly.

Of course, low-calorie non-alcoholic drinks are also much better for human health than traditional ones. Their consumption should be of interest especially to people who are overweight, have increased blood pressure or other health problems. It often turns out that switching alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic ones is the first step to changing bad eating habits and fighting for a slimmer figure. Since, if they taste very similar to the classic ones, why not replace them permanently? Everyone can benefit from it, so it's recommended to try at least once what the currently available alcohol-free drinks taste like. Additionally, more and more varieties constantly appear on the market.

non-alcoholic drinks

Cocktails with gin - non-alcoholic drinks perfect for parties

Although earlier we mentioned beer, it's worth knowing that there are also other non-alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails with gin. They are a great choice for people who intend to return from a party in complete sobriety. However, they will not have to act like wallflowers but instead will be able to enjoy themselves just as well as others at the party. In addition, they will have a chance to try new and exciting flavours of drinks with no consequences. If you've ever mixed different types of alcoholic beverages, you know what it usually leads to and how much harder it makes everyday activities...

Parties like before but without a hangover? Choose non-alcoholic drinks!

Many people come to the party with the intention of leaving it on their own two feet. They can be encouraged to do so by the daunting vision of what may happen the next day if they have ‘one too many’. A hangover is one of those things that none of us want to experience - and neither your guests. So let them avoid this unpleasant consequence of consuming alcohol. How? By serving a variety of non-alcoholic drinks in different flavours. And we, as the MR.LEMONADE company, will be happy to supply the products you choose to the right place. So do not wait and check the details of our offer now!

July 11, 2023 — Mr. Lemonade