About Us

Mr Lemonade was created back in 2014 by a couple passionate about food and tasty beverages. The challenge at the time was to find an alternative drink to commercial brands and also an alternative for alcohol. Because sometimes you just want to go sober and still enjoy your dinner or maybe a night out.

We then decided to put together the finest brands from craft sodas, traditional brewing, kombuchas, and non-alcoholic drinks on one page for you to enjoy the ride and change your conception of yourself.

We support the small independent business, and that's why most of our products come from them, and we are proud to say that together we offer the best and most variety of alternative products you can find.


Anyone can get access to our drinks; however, we would like to understand your needs to better serve you and your business offering an alternative account setup.


We also provide assistance and training to your team in order to understand the drinks conception and also how to harmonize your menu with your drinks choice. 

We also dedicate ourselves to go the extra mile to source the best products and fill every niche but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll do our best to track it down for you.

Meet The Team

Karol Chamera


Thaiz Chamera

Co - Founder

Marek Chamera


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