Jax Coco Pure Can (No Pulp) 24 x 330ml

12 x 330ml Pure Can (No Pulp)  - Extra smooth with a hint of sweetness. Crisp and refreshing. No added sugar! Just the pure goodness of coconut water.

🌴 REFRESHING TASTE FROM THE PHILIPPINES: A chic, pure, can of hydration from the volcanic hilly regions of Quezon and Bicol - the Philippines. This coconut water is extra smooth with a hint of sweetness that lingers. Swap your soft drinks for this outstanding, superior crisp and refreshing healthy alternative with no added sugar! Just the pure goodness of coconut water which is naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

♻️ CANS FOR SUSTAINABILITY: Jax Coco coconut waters are stored in cans to give you a sustainable product that can be recycled. Whether you're using our coconut water as a natural energy drink after the gym, adding to your favourite smoothie, or mixing in a cocktail, this fresh coconut water is for you! Our coconut drinking water multipacks allows you to stock your fridge so a healthy refreshment is ready for you morning, noon and night.

🍸 THE SECRET INGREDIENT TO YOUR COCKTAILS: This is a premium mixer that will give your cocktails a crisp, light and refreshing taste. Have fun creating different cocktails mixing our coconut water with your favorite spirit and fruit juice or organic fruit to make a coconut drink that hydrates you with every sip. It pairs well with Rum and Vodka or even Tequila!

🔍 NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Jax Coco is a drink for life for many reasons: this coconut water is fat free, gluten free & cholesterol free. Jax Coco is an electrolyte water this means that it's a natural source of the electrically charged minerals and compounds that encourage your body's daily function, grab Jax Coco for a fresh energy water that you need! Per 100ml - Energy: 63kJ/15kcal, Fat: 0g, Carbohydrates : 3g, Of Which Sugars : 3g, Protein: 0g, Salt: 0g , Calcium: 29mg, Potassium: 203mg