Agua de Madre Passion Fruit & Raspberry Water Kefir 24x330ml

The original cultured beverage bursting with billions of gut-loving live cultures, a proper thirst quenching, sparkling, vegan water kefir. Hola Gut Health, the Madre will take it from here. If you want to have a glow, go with your gut and trust the Madre knows best.

Ingredients: Kefir culture fermented in filtered water, figs, organic cane sugar, lemons, ginger, passion fruit syrup, raspberry syrup, lemongrass extract, raspberry extract, bacillus subtilis & Himalayan salt.

Energy (KJ): 58 Energy (Kcal) 14 
Sugar 2.9g Carbohydrate 2.9g 
Fat <0.1g Saturates <0.1g Protein 0.1g 
Salt 0.01g