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LF Water Kefir – Jasmine & Lemongrass 15x330ml

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FLAVOR: Water Kefir Jasmine & Lemongrass

SIZE: 330ml

PACK: 15


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In this satisfyingly subtle and savoury flavour combination, the initial fizz brings a hint of the zesty lemongrass, followed by a lingering pleasant bitterness of floral jasmine tea. In the same way jasmin tea soothes and satiates spicy Chinese food, this makes a great accompaniment to strong flavours and rich food; spicy coconut curries or sweet citrus deserts. Add a measure of gin and some lychee syrup for a cocktail or enjoy with a piece of white chocolate and cardamom mud cake.

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Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions19 × 12.5 × 17.5 cm