ON LEMON Plum – Well, now I am really in hot water – or rather in lemonade.
30% juice. It’s your typical PLUM Fiction. Starring: Purple Plum, Stanley and President.
Plums improve your appetite and are good for the digestion. They also prevent constipation and reduce the risk of large intestinal cancer.
Plums have vitamin E, which is rare in fruit; they are also highly valued as antioxidants and brim with group B vitamins, which soothe your nerves and lighten you up.   • Fantastic and unique taste
• High content of fruit juice
• No preservatives
• Vegan
• Gluten Free
• Slightly fizzy

Nutrition Information: Values per 100ml: Energy 153kJ (35.9kcal)/ protein 0.049g/ carbohydrates 8.69g; of which sugars 8.38g/ fat 0.0079g; of which saturates 2.1mg/ fibres 0.017g/ salt 0.65mg/ sodium 0.261mg.

ON LEMON - plum (12 x 330 ml)



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