ON LEMON pear – The true master of taste. Although it does not wear a crown, the other fruit bow down before it. The combination of 16% pear juice, 15% apple juice with a dash of lemon juice.
Pear is a fruit whose properties and nutrients are invaluable. As one of the few fruit, pears contain iodine, a mineral with a good effect on the thyroid function. Moreover, they are a treasury of boron, a mineral improving the brain function. Additionally, pears can prevent stroke and the development of hypertension. • Fantastic and unique taste
• High content of fruit juice
• No preservatives
• Vegan
• Gluten Free
• Slightly fizzy

Nutrition Information: Values per 100ml: Energy 168kJ (39,7kcal)/ protein 0.061g/ carbohydrates 9.5g; of which sugars 9.0g/ fat 0.054g; of which saturates 19mg/ fibres 0.075g/ sodium 0,88mg

ON LEMON - pear (12 x 330 ml)



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