MATCHBATA – lemonade full of Zen!
The world has gone crazy about Matcha powdered green tea! The Buddhist monks made medicines out of it, while we have created a lemonade on the basis of it. That is why Matcha has found its way into our bottles, we just added apple, lemon and lime juice to intensify the taste. Get to know MATCHBATA – a lemonade full of Zen with no added sugar.
It is rich in vital substances, it revitalises and refreshes. It has a positive influence on the immune system. It regulates the blood pressure and boosts the metabolism. It increases resistance to stress and improves the perceptual functioning of the brain. The chlorophyll contained in Matcha helps to eliminate toxins from the body while the polyphenols secure each and every cell. They are also known for their efficacy in preventing cancer.
Shake firmly before opening!!!

MATCHBATA (12 x 330 ml)



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