e make beer that’s bank-holiday-heatwave-grab-your-mates-and-hit-the-park delicious.
The flavor is built around the classic principles of a premium continental lager: clean, crisp and refreshing.

Light floral hops with a soft citrus top note.
Citrus oils and round floral notes balanced with a clean bitterness.
Dry, clean and hoppy bitter finish



“We’re three great friends, who worked at three great companies (Tesla, Sipsmith, and Propercorn) and were frustrated at the lack of decent alcohol-free drinks.

So, we created Freestar to make the world’s greatest tasting alcohol-free beer. We’ve pioneered an entirely new production process to do this, that puts flavor first. And second. And third.

With Freestar we wanted us and now you to experience more. More from your dinner, your gig, your date night or yeah, your bank holiday heatwave.

So, now you can enjoy drinking without compromise or consequence.”


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Values Per 100ml

energy (kcal) kcal

fat 0.1g

carbohydrate 4.4g

sugars 1.4g

protein 0.2g

Freestar 0.0% Premium Alcohol Free Lager -24 x 330ml



    Unit 23, Greenshield Industrial Estate, 22-28 Bradfield Rd, Silvertown, London E16 2AU