Club-Mate is a carbonated, yerba mate tea-based soft drink that has become a cult hit across Europe. Club-Mate harnesses the unique activating powers of the yerba mate plant—which has been enjoyed for centuries in South America as a means to combat mental fatigue—resulting in an unrivaled beverage that promotes a state of heightened alertness and relaxation. with about half the sugar of conventional sodas and energy drinks, Club-Mate has become the beverage of choice for club goers, computer hackers and revelers alike.


• Fantastic and unique taste
• Contains caffeine
• No preservatives
• Vegan
• Slightly fizzy

Nutrition Information: Values per 100ml: Energy kJ (30kcal)/ protein 0g/ carbohydrates 5g; of which sugars 5g/ fat 0g; of which saturates 0g/ calcium 0g/ iron 0g/ sodium <1g.

CLUB MATE - natural (24 x 330 ml)



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